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New documents and updates on existing legal framework from European Commission and European Civil Aviation Conference!


Are you aware of them? What changes, what stays as it was? Come and join us in the discussion and be updated on the applicable policies! 



This workshop will include a breakdown of the updated PRM legal requirements, applicable interpretations, as well as examples of good practice from airports.  The workshop will aim to help PRM assistance managers to adjust, lead and reach updated standards set by regulatory bodies to provide PRM customers with an improved passenger experience. Key focus - collaboration in between steakholders. 


This workshop will aim to discuss the changes and how that will impact our operations in Assisted travel and reporting to Airport Managing Bodies, National Enforcement Bodies. 

The goal of the course is: 


To help to identify critical changes, overcome operational issues and integrate the PRM service with other stakeholders with respect to European and International laws, regulations and best practices.

Workshop content & objectives


This workshop will address:


1. Understand and interpret in details aspects of adjusted PRM assistance legal and best practice documents;


2. Adjust and evaluate quality standards of an airport (service level agreements to third parties; data collection of PRM assistance provision; level of satisfaction monitoring tools; means of monitoring on time performance, etc.);

3. Monitoring process on set standards.





1. Legal requirements, Guidelines and Best practices in support of PRM assistance;          

  • Interpretative guidelines EC1107/2006 (latest updated version of the Interpretative guidelines from 2024)
  • ECAC DOC 30 Part 1, Section 5 (latest updated version from December 2023)


2. Assisting passengers with non-visible disabilities new guidance material by ACI (published 2024);


3. Practical ways to improve assistance to persons with severe physical disabilities


4. Service provision quality monitoring methods, customer satisfaction measurements in place;


5. Effective collaboration with other stakeholders providing PRM assistance services.



Workshop format

Classroom training.

The duration of the course is two days; 09:00 – 16:30.

Who should attend this workshop?

-   Airport PRM assistance managers

-   PRM assistance service providers managers

-   Airport terminal managers



Good understanding of PRM operations


Participant will receive a certificate of attendance.


Cost: € 400.00 (£ 350.00)

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Total cost:
£ 400.00

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