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This refresher course is designed for in-house trainers of PRM assistance agents who provide direct support to PRMs on daily basis. The course provides all necessary updated knowledge and understanding to ensure that, attendees are better able to understand and meet the needs and requirements of those passengers who require special assistance when they travel by air. The task of the trainer is highly important within your company!


The content has been written by our trainers drawing on their own personal experiences and includes factual accounts taken from the airport passenger environment. The content is continuously updated to stay in line with new developments and ideas.


This course is not only about the legal know-how. The most important subject is to understand the needs of a passenger and ability to create trustful communication in between an agent and a passenger. We will show and lead you to the conclusion – professional and honest communication can resolve almost any complicated situation.



The goal of the course is:


To keep the mindset of the staff so as to create an atmosphere for passengers regardless of condition or ability where both the staff and an airport come together to become a truly inclusive and safe environment. To give them the information and skills needed to support passengers with both visible and invisible disabilities, whilst also helping those same passengers maintain independence, dignity and self-respect whilst travelling through your airports.

Course content & objectives



  1. Understand disabled traveller needs and provide a customised service;
  2. Make aware airport staff to understanding various disabilities and the varying needs of such travellers;
  3. Usage of correct language when communication with people with disabilities;
  4. Preparedness to handle incidents;
  5. Appreciate the value of PRM customers.




The refresher course agenda will include, but will not be limited to:


–       Discuss last year's challenges, losses and wins in PRM assistance, sharing best practices;

–       Revised interpretative guidelines on the application of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council  concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air;

–      Assisting passengers with non-visible disabilities ACI guidance handbook published 2024;

–       How to interact and communicate with passengers with different disabilities and reduced mobility;

–       Aspects of assistance of passengers with hidden disabilities and airport infrastructure;

–       Refresher of main principles of communication with customers with reduced mobility and disabilities;

–       Lately available equipment to assist customers with reduced mobility and disabilities;

–       What is needed to provide to our passengers in order to fly with confidence;

–       Analysis of PRM customer feedback;

–       Refresh knowledge of variety of disabilities and how to meet the needs of those passengers.

Course format

Classroom training. The duration of the courses will be 2 days, 09:00 – 16:30.

Who should attend this course?

- In-house PRM assistance instructors

- Ground Handling instructors

- PRM assostance managers


- Good understanding of PRM operations

- Previously have received Initial training certification


After successful completion of the course exam reaching score of 80% or above a participant will receive a certificate. The certificate will be valid for one calendar year.

Cost: € 750.00 (£ 645.00)

Application form

Total cost:
£ 750.00

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