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Train the trainer for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) assistance agents

This course is designed for in-house trainers of PRM assistance agents who provide direct support to PRMs on daily basis. The five-day classroom-based course provides all necessary knowledge and understanding to ensure that, once qualified, attendees are better able to understand and meet the needs and requirements of those passengers who require special assistance when they travel by air. The task of the trainer is highly important within your company!


This training course includes a breakdown of the PRM legal requirements, recommended guidance, as well as examples of good practice from airports around the world. By simplifying the legislative guidelines and endeavouring to remove some of the stigma, so often associated with communicating with members of the disabled community, the course aims to help staff provide PRMs with an improved passenger experience. 


This course is not only about the legal know-how. The most important subject is to understand the needs of a passenger and ability to create trustful communication in between an agent and a passenger. We will show and lead you to the conclusion – professional and honest communication can resolve almost any complicated situation.


Our Hidden Disability Awareness course covers many conditions and is constructed to provoke conversation within the group to discuss personal experiences in order to create and demonstrate an openminded approach and a trusting environment.

The content has been written by our trainers drawing on their own personal experiences and includes factual accounts taken from the airport passenger environment. The content is continuously updated to stay in line with new developments and ideas.


Our goal is to change to mindset of the staff so as to create an atmosphere for passengers regardless of condition or ability where both the staff and an airport come together to become a truly inclusive and safe environment.

Course content & objectives

Course Content


  • Legal requirements, Guidelines and Best practices in support of PRM assistance (as prescribed in ECAC Doc 30, Part1, Section 5)
  • Insight and explanation on newly published documents - EC1107/2206 Interpretative guidelines and IATA Resolution 700
  • Disability awareness (as prescribed in ECAC Doc 30, Part 1, Section 5, Annex 5-G) which includes as well UK best practices
    • General disability awareness
    • How to understand the needs of and provide best assistance people with physical disabilities
    • How to  understand the needs of and provide best assistance people with sensory impairments
    • How to  understand the needs of and provide best assistance people with hidden disabilities
  • Understanding the air travel journey from the perspective of a Person with Reduced Mobility 
  • Kinetics of lifting (theory and practice)
  • Practical sessions on assisting different people with disabilities and reduced mobility


Course Objectives


You will learn how to:

  • Read and interpret PRM assistance legal and best practice documents (European, American and Worldwide) 
  • Understand and appreciate the varying and wide-ranging requirements of PRMs including those with mobility, hearing, visual and cognitive impairments 
  • Recognise different kinds of service animals 
  • Appreciate the value and importance of protecting PRMs mobility equipment 
  • Respect the diversity and empathise with the needs that passengers may have;
  • To determine and deliver the appropriate assistance;
  • Better assist passengers with a deeper understanding of hidden disabilities;
  • Communicate on a wider platform;
  • To understand many of the anxieties that passengers may face whilst at the same time becoming more disability confident;
  • Deal with and process sensitive information from the passengers regarding their needs;
  • Reduce misunderstandings and disappointment which can often result in formal complaints.

 ** This course does not include training delivery instructional techniques and/or training design. 

Course format

Five days classroom training 09:00 - 16:30.


Who should attend this course?

  • PRM assistance instructors
  • PRM assistance staff members



  • Basic knowledge and understanding of EU Regulation 1107/2006; ECAC Doc 30, Part 1, Section 5 
  • Good level of English 


A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the final examination to those participants obtaining a grade of 80% or higher. 

Cost: € 1,750.00 (£ 1,500.00)

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Total cost:
£ 1,750.00

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